Nevada and Massachusetts: A Tale of Two States

Nevada’s adult use referendum passed the same day as Massachusetts voters ushered in the Commonwealth’s adult use law. From there, the states took two very different paths.

Both states contain a “head start” for medical licensees to begin sales, as we’ve discussed here and here.

Well, wanting to keep its boot on the neck of the black and gray markets and begin collecting revenue, Nevada’s Department of Revenue last week approved an early start to the state’s “head start” adult use licensing of existing medical entities. The Silver State’s referendum imposed a deadline of January 1, 2018 for such licenses, but Nevada saw no need to wait. The rest of the recreational market will follow suit early next year.

Maybe it’s the gambler in them, but Nevadans saw no need for the delay and exhaustive study the Legislature has occasioned here in Massachusetts. Time will tell which approach works better or if there will be much difference at all.

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