CCC Draft Medical Regulations Released

Last week, the CCC released two new sets of draft medical marijuana regulations so that final regulations can be promulgated in enough time for it to take over the Commonwealth’s Medical Marijuana Program by the end of the year.

The CCC released a draft of 935 CMR 501, which it calls a “lift and replace” of the existing Department of Public Health medical marijuana regulations. The regulations are functionally identical, and notably still require vertical integration and prohibit an RMD from selling more than 45% of its inventory from wholesale.

Interestingly, there is also a shorter set of regulations, 935 CMR 502, that applies to co-located adult use and medical operators (now called Co-located Marijuana Operations, or “CMOs”). The upshot for CMOs is they basically have to comply with both sets of regulations, though CCC attempts to iron out some conflicts. The CCC is accepting public comments on the regulations until October 29.

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