Monthly Archives: December 2020

Sea Change at the CCC

As the pages of the calendar turn to January and turbulent 2020 comes to a close, new faces will be taking their posts on the Commonwealth’s Cannabis Control Commission. Beginning in January, Nurys Z. Camargo and Bruce Stebbins will begin 5-year terms as Commissioners, after Governor Baker, Treasurer Goldberg and Attorney General Healey recently announced their appointments.  Camargo will be replacing Commissioner Shaleen Title, whose term ended on August 31,… More

A Historic Vote and the Future of Federal Cannabis Policy

Last Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives took the historic step of voting on and passing the MORE Act. The legislation would legalize cannabis within the United States and remove criminal penalties associated with cannabis. Although the law has little chance of passing the U.S. Senate by years end, the vote in favor of this bill cannot be overstated. First, it ends the decades old probation of cannabis, thus federally legalizing the use of cannabis in the United States where 2 out of 3 Americans already live in states where cannabis is legal.… More