Monthly Archives: January 2021

NLRB Division of Advice Weighs in on Cannabis Workers

As we previously blogged, “agricultural employees” are excluded from coverage under the federal National Labor Relations Act, which governs unionization.  The National Labor Relations Board’s Division of Advice (which determines which cases to prosecute) has now weighed in for the first time as to what this means for cannabis grow workers.  In an opinion just released, the Division of Advice found that workers in an indoor greenhouse are excluded from the NLRA’s coverage because they “substantially engage in the primary agricultural functions of harvesting,… More

CCC Fills Final Vacant Post

The Cannabis Control Commission has filled its last vacant seat, ending a prolonged stretch without a full roster of Commissioners.  Filling the void left by Commissioner McBride’s resignation late last year, Governor Baker, Treasurer Goldberg and Attorney General Healey recently appointed Ava Callender Concepcion as the Commission’s newest member.  A Dorchester native and graduate of New England Law School, Concepcion joins the Commission from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office where she most recently served as Director of Governmental Affairs and External Partnership. … More

Federal Cannabis Legalization: Policy Issues to be Addressed

For the first time in nearly a decade all three branches of the Federal Government are controlled by Democrats. The Democratic Party has a plethora of agenda items it is looking to enact within this unified government. One of those policy issues is the federal legalization of cannabis.

House Democrats recently passed the MORE Act, which would federally legalize cannabis. The House leadership intends to re-introduce the MORE Act and pass it in short order.… More

Arizona Off to the Races

Unlike states like South Dakota and New Jersey, who are experiencing stumbling blocks with respect to the implementation of their voter backed adult-use cannabis referendums, Arizona has already hit the ground running. By way of background, Arizona’s Proposition 207 was passed by 60% of voters, and broadly legalized the possession and use of marijuana for adults aged 21 years and older,… More

Emerging Issues in Cannabis and Privacy

Though the final results of the 2020 presidential race took a few days to become clear, it was obvious by the morning of November 4 that cannabis legalization had run the table: from deep red Montana, South Dakota, and Mississippi, to purple Arizona, and blue New Jersey, voters overwhelmingly favored state ballot initiatives to legalize adult use and medical cannabis.  The same Election Day, California voters approved an aggressive expansion of the California Consumer Protection Act (the “CCPA”) (already among the strictest state privacy laws) into the California Privacy Rights Act,… More