New York’s Cannabis Control Board Holds First Meeting

Vector illustration of a pattern of small marijuana leaves on a green map of New York.

New York’s Cannabis Control Board (the “Board”) held its first public meeting today, kicking off a series of public meetings that will begin setting the regulations and guidelines for the adult-use cannabis market in New York. Led by Board Chair Tremaine Wright, the meeting was largely administrative. Some notable announcements from the meeting:

  • Jason Starr is appointed as Chief Equity Officer to the Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”).
  • The Board approved OCM Executive Director Chris Alexander’s recommendations for senior staff appointments.
  • The Board reiterated its commitment to prioritizing social and economic equity and working to repair the harms of the war on drugs.
  • OCM plans to launch public education initiatives & outreach events soon.
  • Additionally, the Board approved the following policies related to New York’s medical cannabis program which immediately go into effect:
    • Whole flower is now an approved form of a medical cannabis product and will become available in dispensaries.
    • The allowable amount to be dispensed to patients increases from a 30 to 60 day supply.
    • $50 registration for patients and caregivers is waived moving forward.
    • All healthcare professionals who can prescribe medicine can now recommend medical cannabis.

We will be watching developments in New York closely and will provide updates as new information becomes available. Recording of the meeting and information about future meetings will be available on the OCM website linked here.

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