Connecticut Issues Guidance to Adult-Use Applicants

As Foley Hoag recently covered in its webinar, “Connecticut Adult-Use Cannabis: The Application Process Begins,” Connecticut is on the precipice of commencing its first adult-use application round beginning on February 3, 2022. But like many States initiating a brand new application process, several questions remain. Recognizing that, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection provided the below Q&As related to the adult-use law and application process as a whole:

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  1. Am I restricted in the number of applications I can submit? The DCP responded by stating that “[a]pplicants may apply for multiple licenses and license types.”
  2. In light of that, the question was asked whether the lottery fees are refundable. DCP indicated that “[l]ottery and license application fees are non-refundable.”
  3. When do I need to have the exact location of my cannabis establishment set? DCP made clear that this does not become a requirement until the final stage of licensure. DCP stated that “[i]t is not necessary to indicate the establishment’s location in the lottery application.”
  4. Can a retailer license have more than one location? The DCP made clear that “[e]ach location must have a separate license.”
  5. Related to the rights of existing Producers and/or Dispensaries to participate in Equity Joint Ventures, the question was asked whether there was a limit on the total number of Equity Joint Ventures they can partner with. DCP made clear that “[t]here are no limits to the number of Equity Joint Ventures that a producer or dispensary facility can create.”

Though the above is just a sampling, and indeed, several questions still remain outstanding; DCP is nevertheless doing its best to prepare applicants for what promises to be a busy 90 day period for Connecticut adult-use hopefuls.

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