Florida OMMU Sets Due Date for Applications for 22 More Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Licenses

Big news out of the Sunshine State today. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use has set the due date for applications for 22 more Medical Marijuana Treatment Center licenses. By Emergency Rule published today, the OMMU set an application due date of window of 9:00 AM on April 24, 2023 through 5:00 PM on April 28, 2023, and will make available for award 22 vertically integrated MMTC licenses.  Among many other criteria, the License Application requires:

  • The applicant entity to have been registered to do business in the state of Florida for the previous five consecutive years;
  • Level 2 fingerprint-based background screenings for all “owners” and “managers;”
  • Site control for all properties for vertically integrated operations;
  • Detailed technical narratives addressing numerous regulatory, operational, and personnel criteria with limited page counts;
  • Appointment of a Florida Medical Director meeting the regulatory qualifications;
  • Certified financial statements for the applicant entity;
  • Proof of available capital;
  • Projected budgets;
  • Individual disclosures and ownership information.

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