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Texas Legislature Poised to Expand Access to Medical Patients as Texas Dispensing Organization License Round Closes

UPDATE: With Texas’ 88th legislative session having ended on May 29th, Texas will not see an expansion of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis this year. HB1805, which would have amended the Texas Compassionate Use Act to include as qualifying conditions any condition “that causes chronic pain, for which a physician would otherwise prescribe an opioid,” did not pass through the State Senate before the end of the legislative session.… More

With Adult Use in Delaware and Medical Cannabis Legalization in Kentucky, the Next Licensing Sweepstakes Begin

Today is April 28, and Texas and Florida both accepted the expected dozens of applications for a limited number of medical cannabis licenses in those respective states. In the background, Kentucky recently legalized medical cannabis, while Delaware will soon welcome adult use sales. It looks increasingly likely both states will follow the example of other capped license jurisdictions and hold merit-based application sweepstakes to award a set number of licenses.… More